Essential Oil Bags

Keep your essential oils organized and easily accessible with our handmade, stylish essential oil bags!  Pretty enough to display on your nightstand or carry with you in your larger handbag.

Our oil storage bags are the ideal solution to keeping your oils handy and readily available in a cute and convenient way whether on-the-go or at home. These oil storage pouches make it easy for you to find a specific oil without digging through your entire bag while keeping them organized.

They will hold 5 oil bottles (up to 15ml size). If using smaller than 15 ml bottles, you will be able to fit an additional two or three in the middle.


– measures approximately 5″ tall and 6″ wide at the top

– five staggered pockets for a compact design

– stylish cotton outer print

– boxed bottom

– Procare (waterproof) lining

– fleece stabilizer for some structure and protection

– mini tassel for that little touch

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