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I am a self-taught seamstress. It all began with making cloth diaper covers for our babies years ago. I found myself drawn to colorful, bright patterns—no solid colors for me. It was fun to create these pieces and I liked that what I was creating was an eco-friendly option—the people who bought them from me also agreed. I soon began offering reusable snack bags because they went along with the whole ecofriendly theme. Then after the kids grew and my interests grew as well, I found myself looking for something new to design. Something that still brought energy and fun to everyday functional items. A new Zookaboo was on the horizon.


Today, I love being able to offer a variety of fun items to bring a pop of color into your life and make you smile. From hilarious mugs and keychain wallets to eco-friendly snack bags and tons of quirky prints, everything you see is just bursting with personality. I think it’s fun to explore your edge side and indulge your sense of fashion without sacrificing the values of functionality. How great is that?


I invite you to take a peek around and find something that makes you laugh, smile, and love life. I’m here if you have any questions and would love to be your personal shopper. Thank you for reading my story and for stopping by Zookaboo—Seriously Fun Stuff!

- Michele


1. My naturally all-over-the-place curly hair is how I get spotted in a crowd.

2. I picked up the flute about 15 years ago (bucklet list item) and continue to play with a local community band.

3. I love rollercoasters, dancing, coffee, decadent desserts, and camping.

4. I am a big softie when it comes to animals.

5. I married my secret high school crush after hunting him down online over 10 years after graduation.

6. I helped my dad find his birth mother. He was born in 1951, and since his parents were not married, they were forced to give him up. Around 2007, I began searching for his parents and found his mom about 2 years into that search. His dad had passed 2 years earlier. At the age of 60, he got to hug his mama for the first time (she was living just 30 minutes from us), and my dad fell head over heels in love with her. We had 3 glorious years with her before she passed. She had shared with me that she never got to see him nor hold him. I still remember when the connection was made, and I called my dad late at night and asked him if he was sitting down. Other than having my children, this is THE highlight of my life.


I want you to give something fun!

-Michele Zook, Owner/Operator