Zookaboo is your home for stylish zipper pouches that will keep you organized, invigorate your ensembles, add a little pop of color to your life, and help save the environment one reusable bag at a time!

My name is Michele and as the owner and seamstress behind the brand, it is my goal to offer you high-quality products and excellent customer service. I am personally dedicated to making sure each time you shop with Zookaboo, you are smiling. I want you to explore your edgy side and indulge your sense of fashion without sacrificing the values of functionality. I also value our environment, which is why I created our best-selling line of reusable snack bags. I truly believe that a company can combine products and value on more than one level and that is what I aim to do here.

In my online boutique, you’ll find a wide variety of bags and zipper pouches each bursting with unique personality. By combining fun and funky colors, vibrant prints, and must-have designs I can offer you and your entire family exceptional products at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for reusable snack bags, wallets, wristlet purses, or cross body bags, I have you covered.

So, go ahead and take a peek in the main Zookaboo shop. I promise you’ll be dazzled with my designs and if you have any questions at all, I would be happy to help you as a personal shopper.